Knowing What You Know Make me Happy

Cool like a goose is the way my grandfather always appears whenever the pressure is on. “I’m not worried about her.” is her response whenever I anxiously try to speed it up. It used to drive me crazy when I was young and anxious. But now after living some life, I came to see how great my grandfather lived. He always had a place to go, but he never rushed to get there. And, though, he never acts like he knows everything, he must act like he’s happy to know what he knows.

Grandfather was always so calm that I never fully appreciated myself during my lifetime. Now, I am very admiring and almost jealous of him because he is always happy to know what he knows, while my friends and I seem to always rush trying to learn more as what we already know is not good enough.

Every day we spend on this planet should be the day we learn something new. I have heard some of the biggest people at the top of their profession say that the day they stop learning is the day they have to close it. And I agree with them. However, do we always have to be anxiously rushing like we are running away from something? It’s like we’re always trying to get out from behind a dark cloud that will never give us a break. Never do we stop long enough to realize that we are good enough. We already have valuable knowledge that can help make us happy and improve our lives and the lives of others.

Now teenagers, learn, lead, and lie in a better world for all of us. Remember that you do not know everything, but you know something; So be happy to know what you know. And once again, thank you in advance for everything you do.