Educating Professionals to get Success

What is the difference between education and training?

Education is the whole process, techniques and methods of teaching in order to transfer something of knowledge from one person to another with a predefined standard. While the training is also the process of teaching and learning by using certain techniques and methods.

Training gives the discipline and instruction, drill, practice, etc., designed to impart proficiency or efficiency. It focuses on a specific, finite task.

Let’s take a closer look at how education builds from one level to the next:

Pre-school : Provide a basic foundation of knowledge, creativity, social and emotional self-development to build an independent and confident self and ready to learn more in the future.

Elementary School : achieves the best possible intellectual, moral, social, and physical development of the individual while developing the potential of each person and to preparing them for the responsibilities and fulfillment of adulthood.

Middle School : Provide basic practice education and self exploration activities. Helping early ramaja develop talents and interests through extracurricular programs and core curriculum.

High School: prepares students for a meaningful life; to be a good citizen, economically self-sufficient and respectful of themselves and others; to ensure that all students leave ready for college, jobs and/or civic involvement.

College/University: takes middle school and high school imparted knowledge to the next level, prepares individuals to specialize in a particular field and empowers the student with life skills that enable him to contribute positively to society.

Post-graduate Study: provides advanced learning in specialized disciplines, an in-depth understanding such that the student becomes something of an expert in the topic of study; prepares students for today’s diverse careers in the public and private sector, or for continued study.

Education will never stop for  humans have a goal and desire to continue to grow. When someone completes their highest education they need a job. In the world of education and training work continues to exist. Such as companies want employees to have skills in a particular field then the company is conducting education and training to achieve the goals and targets of the company.

To obtain maximum results then the company in general that carrying out education and training focuses on:

1. Helping employees in increasing knowledge and skills.

2. The knowledge and skills are closely related to

3. current or future employment.

Implementation of education and training should be planned and organized to gain effectiveness in the implementation of education and training itself. Professional education and training we have actually passed before we reach the highest education. As described above education goes through several such stages Pre-school, Elementary School , Middle School , High School, College/University,Post-graduate Study.

Many companies prefer the workers who have the education and professional skills that the company can grow and compete in the world. The company is also willing to pay the mercenary with a large salary to redeem the education and special skills of the workers. Therefore if you want to succeed and have a higher career run the existing education and think about what your goals in running the education.