Download YouTube Videos on PC

Are you looking for an easy way to download YouTube videos on your PC? Nowadays YouTube is the only popular site provided by Google for netter or internet users to view millions of videos. Maybe you are one of them.

Various languages will definitely exist if you search. Even in all the middle to lower class, old, young, and children easily access this site. Just by affixing to the url, everyone will connect directly with YouTube. However, have you had trouble finding download buttons like in some sites that need to be subscribed first or even paid? Unfortunately YouTube is not equipped with download menus so that visitors easily download YouTube videos directly. This is one of YouTube’s weaknesses, but it can be solved with the YouTube Download app.

However, you should still be grateful because Google is still providing services with ease. Below are some easy ways to download videos from YouTube that are obtained from various reliable sources.

Proven Online Sites – There are many online sites to download videos from YouTube like,,,,,,,,, etc.  You should be careful and prudent in using the site especially in terms of downloading videos from YouTube or the internet. The site above is a way of downloading YouTube videos online without software. So make sure you are connected to an internet connection before you enter the address.

Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla Firefox is a powerful facility to support every activity you surf the internet. One of the great advantages of Mozilla Firefox is the freedom to download for free. They are even supported with many qualified applications which one of them is the Add-ons. This add-on application is an additional application that has many uses such as downloader. Add-ons can actually you paste into Mozilla Firefox for various needs such as downloading the desired video.

How to download YouTube videos with Mozilla Add-ons as follows:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. In the top right corner panel will appear several icons. Select the most own corner panel then click it and it will pop up some options menu. There will be an icon with Add-ons or add-ons. The practical way to open Add-ons is to press Ctrl + Shift + A on your keyboard.
  3. After Add-ons open, select on “Extensions”. There you will find the “search” box the top right corner. Inside the box type “YouTube”, it will appear several lists of add-ons that you can choose according to need. You may try one by one to know its function.
  4. Click “install” if you have decided to select one of the Add-ons.
  5. Then go to the YouTube site and select the video you want to download. Well, if the red button appears below the video view, then you will be ready to download it in the sense that the add-ons you have installed can work.
  6. Click the red button menu and select the video format you want. Automatically, the video file will be downloaded to your computer.
  7. Open the folder where the video file has been downloaded to play offline on the computer.

For beginners, it’s easy for you to download YouTube through Mozilla Firefox. Hopefully this can help for your hobby of seeing useful videos from YouTube. Otherwise you can visit the site  for more information on downloading and converting video to MP3.